UX / UI Design

User Experience and User interface are two very important elements of web design. The User Experience is determined by how visitors interact with your website. The User Interface is the graphical layout of your website.

No matter what business you’re in, your customers expect a clean, straightforward and engaging website. We understand the necessity of UX/UI and we can help your business by creating an outstanding web presence using our experience, deep market research and design processes.

Designs for Human Experience


Our methodology begins with extensive research in which we examine your online environment, users, and long-term objectives. This material is the foundation of our design strategy. During this phase of research, we will conduct in-depth assessments of the assets you have available as well as what your target market expects to see. From there, we’ll collaborate with you to provide suggestions for site development while putting the user experience at the forefront of all decisions.


Based on the findings of our research, we will create the roadmap which will allow your website to penetrate the market. This is part of the strategy process and will allow us to identify all the features, functionalities, and elements that we will have to develop. We use a combination of strategic planning and evaluation methods, that provide us with unique insights for each project. We’ll also suggest particular user experience tactics, as evaluated by KPIs and analytics, that provide insight into the project’s long-term feasibility.

Interactive prototypes

For each project and module, we create clickable prototypes. This process allows us to test different design components before implementing them and get a sense of how users will interact with your project. This is useful for usability, but it also gives us valuable information about design decisions and how to develop a consistent UX/UI language across your project.

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